On October 23, Li Hongkuan, the founder of bigNEWS.Org seriously injured his leg, with tibia fractured completely. As he does not have medical insurance, the Southern Maryland Hospital failed to provide prompt and necesary medical service to him, and quickly fooled him to believe it's not a big deal and persuaded him to go home. Compartment syndrome developed. 3 days of tremendous suffering is like hell. In an early Saturday morning, Dr. James Cobey of Washington Hospital Center operated a surgery on his leg and planted a foot long metal rod in the center of tibia. His leg was saved, but he is left with an impressive pile of medical bills, bothering him everyday to think of a way to make the money due. If you could help, please contact us right now. It's the right time to help a man who has put all his life for the benefits of the readers all over the globe, pro bono over the past 5 years.

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